DCi Data API

Verify Fitment

If vehicle information is not complete, returns all choices for the next fitment level
If vehicle information is complete, returns if the part fits the vehicle


NameTypeDefaultDescriptionRequiredOther Required Field(s)
authkeyStringThe authentication key assigned to validate requestsX
vehicleinfoStringVehicle string in Year|Make|Model|Submodel|Engine format
partnumberStringManufacturers part numberXaaia OR linecode
aaiaStringAAIA brand code
linecodeStringDCi 3 character line code
vqsStringAny Vehicle Qualifiers selected from the filters returned in this call (any returns that aren't Year/Make/Model/Submodel/Fuel/Aspiration/VIN) separated by pipes ie(id|name). These are also returned as filters in the Part List call with a type of VQ
prefixedBooleanfalseIndicates if the part number is prefixed with a custom manufacturer identifier. Expected part number format is prefix-partnumber
formatStringJSONEither JSON or XML
relevantonlyInteger00=continues to display global selections for items
1=displays subsequent values based upon selections made

Sample Code

$.getJSON("http://api.v12.estore.catalograck.com/API/Lookup/VerifyFitment/?authkey=&vehicleinfo=2015|Ford|F-150|Lariat&partnumber=664-5-01&linecode=WRG&vqs=&prefixed=False&format=json&relevantonly=0", function (msg) { $.each(msg, function() { console.log(this); }) });
XML: Sample Call
JSON: Sample Call